Intercom Access Control Systems

Stay safe – stop strangers and potential security threats from entering your place of work.

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Intercom Access Control Systems

Premium Commercial Video Intercom Systems for Melbourne Businesses

Techs4Best Solutions offers a wide range of business security intercoms to protect commercial properties. Our integrated commercial intercom systems are made to be easily integrated with a building’s current security systems, access control and CCTV system. There are many benefits your business can experience with a video intercom installation, some of which are detailed below.

Added Protection

Commercial video intercom systems significantly increase the safety and security of your building. They help you to quickly and safely identify visitors from afar. The exceptional quality of the audio and video allows you to easily see and hear your visitors.

Easy Integration with Other Security Systems

Integrated commercial intercom systems, including apartment intercom systems, are beneficial in that they can be customised for a variety of applications and integrated with existing security systems. The images coming from your current CCTV security cameras can be viewed on the system’s video monitor.

Remote Viewing

Many modern commercial video intercom systems let you see what’s happening at your front door with a wireless connection. They provide you with a live video and audio feed from anywhere in the world through your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Intercom Access Control Systems

Apartment Intercom Systems

The apartment intercom systems we design can be customised to be used for various applications and integrated with existing infrastructure to increase an apartment building’s security. These intercoms are not only easy-to-use, but they also provide a higher level of security and safety for residents.

Keyless Remote Access Control Systems

The number of keyless entry businesses is increasing as keyless remote access control systems provide a higher level of security than the traditional physical key lock system. The building can be locked and unlocked with key cards, fobs or mobile devices.


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A video intercom installation is perfect for increasing the level of security at your business premises. For more information on how complete business automation can improve the security of your premises, contact us by calling (03) 9939 0039. We can supply you with intercom systems in Melbourne that your business can rely on.
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