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Advanced technology designed to make home Automation Melbourne smarter, safer and more energy efficient.

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Control 4

Smart Home Automation Melbourne

Techs4Best Solutions is proud to be a leading product supplier of Control4 in Melbourne. We are using advanced technology which designed to make homes across Melbourne smarter, safer and more energy-efficient.
Similar to Zigbee home automation system products, Home Automation technology connects all smart facets in your home to one main control system. This life-changing technology will help to make mundane daily home tasks simpler and more efficient. Control your home from anywhere with our specialised product range of Control4 in Melbourne.

Control4 Home Lighting Control

Leading lighting technology from Control4 can help you create just the right ambience for your home. Whether you’re looking for bright lighting for your kitchen or home office or warm mood lighting for an evening dinner party, you can achieve it all with Control4 home automation.

Our experienced installers can also help to ensure your house or workplace are operating in an environmentally friendly manner by using Control4 lighting control products. Lighting control is also a valid crime deterrent for those worried about potential theft or security breaches.

Make Your Life Easier with Smart Home Automation Melbourne

Speak to our Control4 Melbourne installers today for more information on how Control4 home automation technology can make your home smarter and your life easier.

What We Offer


Home Theatres

Control4 Australia design home theatre systems that keep viewers engaged. At Techs4Best Solutions, we can supply you with Control4 screens, audio systems, projectors and other home entertainment equipment that produces exceptional picture and sound quality. Take your home viewing experience to the next level.


Multi-Room Audio

Control4’s high-resolution, multi-room audio equipment allows you to play your favourite music anywhere in the house. With Control4 home automation Melbourne, you can use an in-built touch screen or even voice control to select your music from popular streaming services. Every guest becomes a DJ with Control4’s audio system.


Voice Control

Voice control functions make it easy and convenient to interact with your smart home. Access your Control4 system or individual devices with just your voice via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Play music, turn on lights, lock a door, adjust the temperature or use a number of other commands all by simply speaking up.

Secure Your Home With Control4 Melbourne

You might be worried about what’s going on at your house when you’re not there. Control4’s smart security technology will help to provide you with peace of mind by allowing you to check that your property is safe and secure. This cutting-edge technology allows you to check in on things at home from wherever you have your smartphone. Set up alerts to let you know if somebody has entered the house, the garage door has been left opened or if there is any abnormal activity happening around the house. The Techs4Best Solutions team of expert installers will help to have your home secure and safe with our specialised knowledge of Control4 home automation Melbourne products.

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